L’Agence pour l’Education par le Sport est une organisation nationale d’inclusion par le sport destinée à la jeunesse peu ou pas diplômée. Elle permet à des jeunes talents issus des territoires oubliés d’être reconnus pour leurs compétences et « savoir être », de prendre en main leur avenir et d’accéder à l’emploi. Elle s’appuie sur un réseau national de 1000 clubs sportifs labélisés à travers toute la France pour leur action et leur engagement dans l’inclusion sociale par le sport. Elle accompagne le développement des compétences des coachs sportifs à l’inclusion professionnelle. Elle construit des programmes de formation innovants pour accompagner les jeunes à construire leur projet de vie, trouver leur voie professionnelle et accéder à l’emploi. Elle crée des partenariats avec les entreprises engagées à recruter autrement.

Retrouvez les sur leur site : https://educationparlesport.com/

Parkour59 est une association des haut-de-France qui forme, au travers de l'art du déplacement et du mouvement urbain, tous les publics au dépassement et à l'expression de soi. Si cette structure apparu en 2009 encourage et forme à des pratiques sportives ancrées dans la ville, elle développe aussi des activités culturelles et sportives, par la construction de spectacles et d'exhibitions, et des actions éducatives et d'insertions professionnelles, aidant chacun à prendre sa place de citoyen au sein des espaces publics.

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Just the other day I happened to wake up early. That is unusual for an engineering student. After a long time I could witness the sunrise. I could feel the sun rays falling on my body. Usual morning is followed by hustle to make it to college on time. This morning was just another morning yet seemed different.

Witnessing calm and quiet atmosphere, clear and fresh air seemed like a miracle to me. I wanted this time to last longer since I was not sure if I would be able to witness it again, knowing my habit of succumbing to schedule. There was this unusual serenity that comforted my mind. It dawned on me, how distant I had been from nature. Standing near the compound’s gate, feeling the moistness that the air carried, I thought about my life so far.

I was good at academics, so decisions of my life had been pretty simple and straight. Being pretty confident I would make it to the best junior college of my town in the first round itself, never made me consider any other option. I loved psychology since childhood, but engineering was the safest option. Being born in a middle class family, thinking of risking your career to make it to medical field was not sane. I grew up hearing ‘Only doctor’s children can afford that field’ and finally ended up believing it. No one around me believed in taking risks. Everyone worshiped security. I grew up doing the same.

This is what has happened to us. We want the things we have been doing forcefully to fail. And then maybe people around us would let us try something else or our dreams. We are accustomed to live by everyone else’s definition of success. We punish people for the things they are passionate about, just because we were unable to do the same at some point in our life.

I feel like these concrete buildings have sucked our desires and our dreams. We are so used to comfort that compromise seems like a taboo. We have lost faith in ourselves. If we can make through it right now, we can do the same in the days to come. You only need a desire to survive and nothing more- not money or cars or designer clothes.

Staying locked up in four walls have restricted our thinking. I feel like our limited thinking echoes through this wall. We are so used to schedules and predictable life that we have successfully suppressed our creative side.

When you step out of these four walls on a peaceful morning, you realize how much nature has to offer to you. Its boundless. Your thoughts, worries, deadlines won’t resonate here. Everything will flow away along with the wind. And you will realize every answer you had been looking for, was always known to you.

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